Moone Boy

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t laughed at some stupid joke just because the person saying it is cute.


bressie vs. seagulls delighted me multiple times today


*muffled breaking my fall plays in the distance*

nbrez A rare opportunity for me to have a pint with .

Artist: UnknownBressie
Title: UnknownShe Ticks All The Boxes
Album: UnknownColourblind Stereo


Looks like someone’s in London…>___>

nbrez: My mate James sent me this . Pic of my first Leinster Cap. See if ye can spot me

Anonymous: hi! i'm an american bressie fan so i can't buy his albums except on itunes, and i dont have any spare money right now, but i really want to listen to all his songs, and a lot of them can't be found on youtube with very good quality. do you happen to know where i can listen to his albums online? thanks!


Hi, sweet American anon! I happen to have both of Bressie’s albums right here, and I would be happy to share them with you and also EVERYONE. Please do consider buying them for real, though, because Bressie is great and I want him to come back to music sooner rather than later. Maybe if a ton of us start buying his stuff, that will help. <3!

Colourblind Stereo — his first album, including the song “Android Heart”, which as you may guess is particularly relevant to my interests.

Rage and Romance — his second/most recent album, complete with liner notes including the following devastating acknowledgement: 


Bressie also has some fantastic covers which aren’t on his albums. There are a bunch more he performs in concert, but these are live in studio so the recordings are better.

I Will Follow You into the Dark (originally by Death Cab for Cutie)

Airplanes (originally by B.o.B, featuring Hayley Williams)

Sledgehammer (originally by Peter Gabriel)